Trouble Pulling the Trigger on Your First Home?

You’ve made up your mind to buy a place of your own. You’ve saved for a down payment and have poured over the local listings for months. Touring open houses is part of your weekend ritual. But months, perhaps years, have passed and you’re still in your rental, no closer to being a homeowner than when you started.

This is not an uncommon scenario. For many first-time homebuyers, pulling the trigger can be a frightening experience. Will you be happy there? Will you like your neighbors? Will you be tied down, house rich and cash poor? What if you lose your job? Will you hate your commute? In short, your fears stem from the unknown.

Conversely, your current home is familiar. You know exactly what to expect. You’ve come to accept its shortcomings whether they are loud neighbors, a leaky ceiling or scant street parking. There are few surprises.


Written By: Melissa Paul. If you would like to continue reading,click here.


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